Tooth restoration
Sustainable tooth material for a hearty laugh

Tooth decay leads to destruction of the material of which the tooth is made which first becomes noticeable in the form of holes in the tooth. As teeth cannot regenerate themselves, the decayed part must be removed and the hole in the tooth must ideally be reclosed permanently. This prevents further destruction and ensures that chewing is still possible.

For small losses of material, it is possible to restore the tooth using a filling made of porcelain, gold or plastic. For health reasons, we do not recommend amalgam as a filling material. If, due to an above average loss of tooth material, a filling is no longer possible, a partial crown, an onlay or a full crown must be used. We also offer different types of treatment here, from gold to metal-free ceramic restoration.

As part of our comprehensive health concept, we provide individual advice and recommend the best form of care for you - based on specialist functional, biological and aesthetic criteria.