Children's treatment
Life-long dental health starting with the first milk tooth

At our practice, dental treatment, which is suitable for children, plays an important role in order to take away the fear of the dentist and promote consistent dental care, starting with the first milk tooth.

Our bi-annual children's prophylaxis and our individual training on teeth cleaning are designed to teach your child how to treat their teeth properly and with respect right from the start and lay the foundation for life-long dental health. 

In order to prevent your children even more thoroughly against damage caused by bacteria, we also offer crack sealing for the little patients. In this procedure, areas of the teeth which are at risk are protected against the formation of tooth decay with a special plastic sealant. 

We are happy to advise you on how you can actively support you child's dental health. Fewer sweets, more whole-wheat instead of white bread or more thorough chewing, which can stimulate the flow of saliva and teeth's self-cleaning properties, can really work wonders.