The healing light

The dental laser is now an indispensible part of modern dentistry. A laser is a sophisticated, special light with a specific wave length. Laser therapy is particularly effective for root canal treatment (endodontics), gum treatment, oral and mucocutaneous diseases (especially herpes) and special surgical intervention (removal of the labial frenulum, removal of oral mucocutaneous anomalies and hyperplasia, etc.).

Laser therapy is incredibly gentle, low-pain and very effective. As the laser works with exact accuracy, there is only little bleeding during the procedure. Bacteria on the treated tissue are killed off completely, meaning that we can guarantee effective protection against infections. 

Laser treatment therefore reduces post-operative wound-related pain, shortens healing time and leads to less swelling and scarring due to its high level of precision. Just ask; we will be happy to give you individual advice on possible treatments involving laser therapy in person at our practice.