The highest standards of aesthetics, comfort and compatibility

A complete, stable dental prosthesis is indispensible for a person's well-being and social integration. Implant-based dental prostheses fulfil requirements in terms of aesthetics, comfort and bio-compatibility to a particularly high standard.

An implant is an artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jaw bone and onto which the dental prosthesis is secured. Thanks to implantology, one or more teeth can be added in without having a negative influence on the neighbouring teeth and even be integrated amongst existing dental prostheses where a removable dental prosthesis would otherwise have to be used. 

Our practice has access to many years of experience and the latest technology, which guarantee successful implantology. This includes different, individually adapted implant systems and three-dimensional diagnostic planning. These digital procedures display all of the relevant anatomical structures and ensure the best surgical result with the minimum amount of risk.